About this blog

This blog observes and comments on everything that is, or may be, relevant
for foreign language learning.

Language learning logs are created to document processes of language learning. This blog intends to do just this, albeit not in an individual, but in a much broader sense. It observes and comments on everything, that is or may be relevant for foreign language learning.

Does anybody need this? We are currently experiencing a period of cultural and societal change and dynamics in which foreign, other and second languages are maybe more important than ever.

We are definitely allowed to talk of the end of monolingual societies and educational systems.

This is not only a result of manifold migratory global movements, but also of the digitalization and globalization of all processes of communication and representation. Those who are able to communicate in one language only will be excluded or will have to rely on someone else’s assistance. Therefore, language learning and reflections on issues of language learning is more urgent than ever.

However, the format of the blog also responds to new challenges in disciplinary communication. There are issues that cannot wait until an essay is published in a peer-reviewed print journal or volume. And, what’s more, there are a number of issues that call for a clear, albeit subjective position for which there doesn’t seem to be room in traditional academic discourses.

This blog is designed to create such a space. And that’s why it is needed.




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